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Astral Projection For Beginners

Astral projection for beginners, do I have your full attention? We all have to start somewhere and for those that have used astral projection will tell you, you are missing out if you don’t try it. It’s an experience of a lifetime. It is a journey that will take some time and practice. So if you are ready to learn more and try astral projection you might as well do it the right way.

Astral projection for beginners is something that with the proper steps and patience, can be achieved. Rushing into this and not knowing the proper ways to go about it will wreck your chance for success. Once you have achieved this and experienced astral projection you will be happy you did it the right way. So let’s take a look at the important steps required to reach success.

Preparation is the first step with astral projection for beginners. Make sure you are ready and have what you need to get started. The best conditions will bring about the best results. Experienced people will tell you the best time to start with astral projection is in the morning. This is when your body is at its most relaxed. You have just woken up, and you haven’t experienced the stress of the day yet. Then choose an area where you are comfortable and enjoy. Being in a place like this will naturally make you more relaxed. The bedroom is usually a good place as it is a place designated for sleep by most, so it’s relaxing. You will not try to feel differently, as your bedroom is where you normally sleep and relax. Mentally and physically your body should be ready. Stress, anger, fear to name a few will lower your chances of being able to astral project.

Astral projection for beginners also requires you to be relaxed. Very relaxed, so that your body falls asleep and your mind stays awake. To experience astral projection consciously you need to lower the speed of brainwave frequencies. Relax and practice slow breathing. Don’t rush the result, it may take time. Remember astral projection is something we allow, not control.

The next step in astral projection for beginners is when you get to the hypnagogic stage. This is when you are beyond relaxed. This is when your body is asleep and your mind is awake. Your hearing and vision will be less and touch will be faint. Many, actually most, report hearing a buzzing noise at this point, well then you are well on your way there. When you no longer feel your physical body you are in the separation stage. This is where your mind will become on its own. This is where the exploring will happen. You are now astral projecting. The steps are not very difficult but do require time and patience. I do hope by reading all of this you are ready for the trip of your lifetime.

If you are ready, you should check out my very detailed book How to Astral Travel in 7 Days. This is by far the best book for astral projection for beginners.

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